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DHCP Device Registration

DHCP Registration Notes

  • Login with your MSU NetID (the first part of your MSU email address) to register your device or to manage your device registrations.
  • You must register your device for full network access at Michigan State University.
  • If you have not preregistered your device, you will not be able to register until you are connected to an active Ethernet or wireless connection on campus.
  • If you have registered your device, and are still being directed to this page:
    1. You may be using a different network connection (e.g. wired vs. wireless).

      Your network registration is based on your device's Ethernet (MAC) address, which will be different for each network connection or network adapter.

    2. Recent versions of Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems allow random Media Access Control (MAC) addresses to be used when connecting to networks.

      You may need to disable random addresses when connecting your device to Michigan State University networks.

      How to disable (private) random MAC address on:
    3. Your network access may have been suspended. To check, please login.
      • Please Note: If your access was suspended due to a virus or a "bot", you must clean and patch your system before your access can be reinstated.

        For further instructions, please go to: MSU Endpoint Security Protection, or you may call (517) 432-6200.
  • All Users, Please Note: We highly recommend running system updates on a regular basis. We also strongly recommend running security protections including antivirus, firewall, and/or VPN services.

    For further information, take a look at: MSU Endpoint Security Protection.